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Building & Financing Your Project

The Six Major Steps to Building
Your Log Home Kit:

1. Decide on your Model and Budget

2. Check on your Land Status

3. Decide to Build Yourself or Find a Builder

4. Get your Bids and complete your Budget

5. Pay Cash or Finance with a Lender

6. Order Your Kit - and start building!

B. Working With a Lender & Builder -

If you are paying cash - or building yourself - you will find our kits very affordable and easy to construct if you can read and follow plans, and have a reasonable amount of experience to be able to build all of a regular house, or have professionals assist you.  Some of our warranty requires professional installation, which our sales staff can provide you with more information about.

Lender Financing - If your house is going to be security for a loan, most lenders require that you have a licensed contractor build all or part of your home, to assure it’s timely completion.

Get Pre-Approved!  Each lender has loan regulations on building custom log homes - HUD, NHA, banks, mortgage companies.  Our sales staff has information that can help.

Hiring A Builder - We have worked with builders in our area, on and off the Navajo Nation, and may be able to help you find the right match for you.
Check with your local builders and find someone licensed, competent and experienced enough to build your project; then have your builder or subcontractors give you bids on all labor and materials not included in your kit.

Our Log Home Kits.  We manufacture it - You build it!

Step 2. Planning and Ordering

A. First Questions - to start your project:

Do you have land and permits?  
Check with your local building codes and land offices before your order your kit.

Will you pay cash or finance?
If you are paying cash and can get permits easily - we can quickly produce and deliver your kit to you.

Will you want to build it yourself?  
Our kits are easy to construct if you have a reasonable amount of experience or experienced help on hand.
(see Part B)

Questions?  Call our sales office today!

Are you a builder, log home dealer, distributor? We are looking for professionals to build, promote
and sell our line!

Steps to Buying Your Home
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