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Steps to Buying & Building

Great, I’m ready to buy and build a log home kit!  
What are the next steps?

Step 1.  Contact our sales office -
Our sales people are friendly and easy to work with.
They can help you select and order your log home kit, offer advise on how to get it financed, delivered, and built in the way that fits you.

Here are some more things for you to know…

What is included in most of our standard kits

Included* in our standard “You-Build-It” kits:

• 6” or 7” Swedish-Coped & Saddle-Notched logs    
  (log sizes depend on the model you select)

• Professional-grade log home sealants & stains

• Metal or vinyl windows & Metal exterior doors

• Exterior & Interior Wall & Roof Framing

• All outside natural wood trim & soffits

• Roofing shingles (30 year Architectural Comp.)

• Steel connectors, log screws, nails (on model’s lists)

• Engineered truss sets (when in that plan)

Also Included:

Kit parts “To Code” for most areas**

Building Plan Set for shell kit portion**

Construction Information Book

Technical briefing & advise on how to build it!

What you will also need, in addition to our kits -

You must provide your own: Permits, Site Plans, On-Site Construction or Labor of any kind, including site prep, foundation, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, water or utilities.  Materials not listed in the kit list above, are provided by you or your builder at additional expense, including insulation, drywall, interior doors, cabinets, finish, fixtures, or any other components or services. Construction and interior completion is up to you.

* Lists, Kit offerings, and prices are subject to periodic changes. The list shown here is only partial.  Each model has it’s own printed list available through our office.

** Check with local building officials to ask what other plan pages you must create and have approved to obtain your building permits, such as a site plan, foundation, electrical, plumbing, etc.

Questions?  Call our sales office today!

Our Log Home Kits.  We manufacture it - You Build It!

We also sell partial sets

- Partial kits
- Logs and Log Walls Only

A full house kit, ready to roll out to site.

Step 2…  Land, Financing, and Builders

Working With A Builder & Lender

** Also check with your local building permit officials to know if our kit is code compliant to your area. You may have extra requirements that are additional or not included with the kit.