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Versatile and Efficient

Our Navajo Hogan line of kits begins with the most basic and traditional octagon, with the “Sacred Space”, the open space completely unobstructed from posts or middle room supports.

Not only does the open and free-spanning octagon feel quite large without any center posts, the circular walls help keep the hogan warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

From there, the options are many - from interior room walls - to expanding the sides out and adding second stories!


Traditional, Fast and Affordable

Our standard traditional log homes are packed with the same value and green-building technology as our octagons. They are also slightly faster to manufacture and build, and take less time to construct.

Floor plan options are quite easy for you to change as well, with interior room walls, windows and doors easily adaptable to your needs and desires.

We also offer custom manufacturing of logs to fit your own plans. Call us today to find out how we can help.


Our Two Lines of Log Kit Homes - Hogan and Traditional

A Traditional Navajo Hogan… Or, A Traditionally Affordable Rectangular Home.

The choice is yours -

Navajo-Style Hogans

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