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Cameron, Arizona
Navajo Nation USA
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Our Log Hogan Line

Our Little Colorado and Beedezah hogans are the result of workshops and interviews held with elders and medicine men to honor the Navajo traditions of the hogan as a sacred space.

Included in our standard “You-Build-It” kits:

- Your choice of 6” or 7” Swedish-Coped & Saddle notched logs

- Log home exterior sealants & stains

- Windows & exterior doors

- Exterior/interior wall & roof framing and trusses (per plan)

- Steel connectors, logs screws and more!

Large Log Hogans

Little Colorado Hogan

549 SQ FT - 25’9”W
10’-8” Corner-to-Corner

Beedezah Hogan

Our Little Colorado w/ Bedroom-Kitchen Extension
925 SQ FT - 25’9”W  10’-8” Corner-to-Corner

Little Colorado

Little Colorado
“Bed & Breakfast”

Beedezah 2.1
1 Bedroom

Beedezah 2.2
2 Bedroom