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Navajo Majority-Owned and Operated  Log Homes & Kits
Green Technology Forest Products
Cameron, Arizona
Navajo Nation USA
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Forest Products -

State-of-the-Art Log & Timber Processing

Our plant is one of the few factories in the country originally built for the production of round and dimensional lumber materials from small diameter wood.

Designing or Building Your Own
Log Home or Timber Frame?

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Residential Log Home Kits

Custom Log Home Packages

Commercial Log Buildings

Log Home Sealant Products

Logs of All Types

Raw, Peeled, Hand-Hewn


Swedish Cope House Logs

Saddle Notched

Vigas & Lattia

Architectural Posts & Beams

Fence Posts & Railings

Firewood (public & wholesale)

Dimensional Timbers
and Milled Wood

Architectural Orders

Rough Sawn Timbers

Custom Saw-milling

Posts & Beams

Fence Posts & Railings


& More

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We serve everyone:
Residential and commercial builders
Distributors and retailers
Other manufacturers

Swedish-Cope Logs & Saddle Notching

Everything for your business or project

State-of-the-Art Wood Manufacturing - Custom and Stock Orders

Green Technology Forest Products

Custom Orders for your own projects or stock.

6” and 7”  (8” coming soon!)