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Navajo Majority-Owned and Operated  Log Homes & Kits
Green Technology Forest Products
Cameron, Arizona
Navajo Nation USA
(928) 679-2031

About SouthWest Tradition Log Homes, Inc.

We are a majority Navajo-Owned state-of-the-art log home factory located on the Navajo Nation in Cameron, Arizona - creating Business and Employment for the Dine’ people, as well as making homes and products by helping to save the Arizona and New Mexico forests.  

Our logs are obtained mainly from local national and state forests fire mitigation and restoration programs.  These are small diameter trees that have been sacrificed for the greater good of nature by reducing excessive fuel conditions that create devastating wildfires.  

SWTLH, Inc. is one of the few enterprises in the country that has successfully mixed ingenuity with the latest high-technology to do what few other log home manufacturers can do: make uniform-shaped house logs while taking only about an inch off of a rough tree log - thus giving these “sacrificial” trees a new life by becoming part of someone's home for possibly the next 150 years.

Along with log home kits, SWTLH, Inc. is producing lumber and timber products, as well as new jobs and business opportunities where it is much needed in this region of the southwest - helping open doors of opportunity for trades people and new support-businesses.

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For Business - Please contact Ron Taylor, President  
roundwud@hotmail.com  / P.O. Box 468 Cameron, AZ 86020

The tradition continues